Transparent Holographic Films
Transparent Holographic Films can be accessed in over 100 patterns and in more than 24 colors based choices. These films are maximum 24000 meter long and up to 1650 mm in width. Light in weight, these films are accessed with UV embossed surface.
3D Lens Holographic Film
3D Lens Holographic Films are appreciated for their moisture and water proof surface. These lamination products are applied on packaging boxes to avoid their counterfeiting. Glittering surface and long lasting quality are their main features.
3D Lens Film
3D Lens Films are accessible in various patterns and color options. Easy to apply, these laminated materials are scratch proof and tear protected. Light in weight, these films have smooth and uniform surface.
Multi Lens Films
Multi Lens Films are accessible with superb surface finish, different patterns and color choices. These films are scratch protected and their tear strength deserves praise. Reasonable price and ease of application are their main aspects.
Holographic Thermal Lamination Film
Holographic Thermal Lamination Films can be availed in more than 50 different pattern based choice. Developed from BOPP/PET/reflexive index polyester, these lamination materials are environment friendly and recyclable. We offer these films in different patterns.
Holographic Cold Lamination Film
Holographic Cold Lamination Films can be availed in 3D and metalized surface based choices. Easy to apply, these laminated materials are used to prevent counterfeiting of different products. These are made of non toxic grade raw materials.
Metalized Films
Metalized Films are accessible in maximum 100 micron/gsm thickness. These holographic products are anti static by nature. Made of paper, these films are maximum 24000 meter in length. We offer these products at reasonable price.

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